Natural wellness

Natural Wellness

A land of natural spas

Our guests who love relaxation and wellness won’t be disappointed from our area. Thermal springs known all over the world, such as Terme di Petriolo and the famous Terme di Saturnia.


Terme di Saturnia

Saturnia, part of the municipality of Manciano, in the hinterland of the Grosseto, is a famous spa resort with its “Cascatelle”, the natural pools topped by a waterfall, in which water flows at a temperature of 37° C, where it is possible to bath for free.

The Terme di Saturnia are a magical and fairytale place, which certainly won’t leave you indifferently.

This place was naturally created, thanks to the action of the hot sulphurous waterfall and generated by the hot water stream Gorello.

Saturnia has recently been included in the list of destinations to see at least once in a lifetime by the New York Times and The Guardian.

The waterfalls are a natural and free place, so they are open 24 hours a day, every day, even in winter and entrance is free. At the “mulino” waterfalls there is a bar and a car park, which are always open.

The experience of a summer bath under the stars is definitely worth trying!


Free thermal baths of Petriolo

Petriolo is located on the road that leads from Grosseto to Siena, about 45 minutes from the Resort.

The thermal baths are of very ancient origins and there are traces of them since the early 1200s.

The free thermal springs, close to the well-known private spa, are located in an inlet of the Farma stream and are characterized by hot waters of 43º temperature, rich of hydrogen sulphide. The waters are therapeutic and useful for those suffering from different types of respiratory and dermatological diseases.

Two things not to be missed out:

– the very suggestive landscape context, with the pebble-enclosed pool overlooking the Farma river and the picturesque ruins that loom over the free baths;

– the pleasant frigidarium-calidarium effect obtained by passing in sequence from the warm waters of the thermal spring to the cold ones of the Farma river.

Unlike Saturnia, packed lunches are a must, as Petriolo is located in the heart of the Merse Natural Park, in the middle of a green and unspoiled countryside, but very far from any inhabited center or accommodation facility.


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